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Gear & Rates


Volta Productions utilizes a variety of different equipment and camera configurations. We are strong advocates in choosing the right tool for the right job. Even basic gear with the right ideas and experience can tell a story or transmit emotion and art in ways that cannot be put into a spec sheet of the latest and greatest gear.
Some of our favorites are :
Sony Ex1/Ex3, Canon 5D Mk2/3, Sony FS700, Canon EOS Cinema C-300 and lenses, Zeiss CP lenses


Volta offers a turnkey choice for multi-cam. We proudly utilize some of the following gear for these types of productions :
Panasonic HMX-Ag100 High Definition Mixer, Aja Ki Pro, and Newtek Tricasters ( 455, and 850X ).Shure, Lectrosonic, and Countryman wireless audio solutions


Please contact us for a detailed estimate for your individual project. We look forward to working with you.